3 tips for a good at-home workout

Eins mikið og ég elska ræktina þá er ég búin að prufa mig mikið áfram með það að æfa heima (#momlife). En það hafa margir sagt mér að þeim finnist það erfitt eða leiðinlegt að æfa heima. Mér líður alveg þannig stundum líka þannig að ég ákvað að henda í þessa færslu eftir LANGA bloggpásu! Það var eiginlega ekki viljandi, ég bara var í mjög krefjandi vinnu og námi þarna eftir að ég startaði blogginu þannig að bloggið varð aðeins að bíða. Svo síðustu vikur er ég búin að vera að bíða svolítið eftir innblástri því ég vil ekki vera að skrifa blogg sem er engin tilgangur með eða sem mig langar ekki endilega að skrifa skiljiði. En í dag komst ég loksins í stuðið eftir að hafa áttað mig á því að þetta þarf ekkert að vera fullkomið, ég ætla bara að vera ég og skrifa frá hjartanu eins hrikalega væmið og það hljómar.


Oh hey blog! I didn’t forget about you completely, I promise. But life, work, school etc. happened and here we are! Honestly, for the last few weeks I’ve been meaning to start blogging again but I wasn’t feeling super inspired to, and I don’t ever want to force a blog post just for the sake of it. But today is a good day and I’m feeling inspired. If I’m being honest, I sometimes feel like I don’t want to blog because it’s not going to be perfect or as good as other blogs or whatever… BUT I think the best outlook to have is that if I enjoy this creative outlet and a couple of people can take something from it that helps them then why not, right? So let’s talk about working out from home;

I am a gym girl, I love the energy, all the heavy equipment and space, trust me, I do. But sometimes I want to save time or am stuck home with the kid and sometimes I just feel burned out from the gym. It took me a while, but I’ve experimented with the at home workouts a lot, and even though we now have some weights and equipment in the garage, a good body weight workout or yoga in the living room is still are still so good.

So, I know it can be hard to feel motivated at home, and hard to stay focused and not get distracted by the kids, the laundry, or whatever else. And you have to get creative if you’re used to gym workouts. So I’ll share my top 3 tips for a successful at home workout.


1.Get the kids everything they need.

Before I start, I make sure that Kristjan doesn’t need anything, so I play with him, feed him, make him go to the bathroom, and then I’ll tell him I’m going to exercise and let him choose if he wants to play in his room, watch a cartoon (sometimes) or exercise with me. Sometimes he ends up doing all three of those things but thats fine, keeps him from getting bored. You’ve probably seen how he likes to get involved in the workout or at least pop in to give me a kiss. This isn’t always going to go smoothly, but just roll with it. Kristjan has learned over time that mamma and pabbi exercise so he actually thinks it’s pretty cool and fun now. If he does complain or asks me to stop exercising I just reiterate that this is happening, mamma is taking 30 min to work out and I tell him his options again. No mom guilt! you are teaching your kids good habits by exercising in front of them.


2.Pick a workout ahead of time

This may be a no-brainer but pick your workout video or instagram workout before you even start. I tend to make my gym workouts up somewhat as I go but when I’m at home I always write down a workout before I start because it helps minimize stopping and getting distracted. The best kind of at home workouts are circuits in my opinion. Something where you do rounds of the same exercises back to back is best because it gets your heart rate up and keeps the workout from getting boring.


3.Music and equipment

If your situation allows, listen to good music. A bumping playlist can make a huge difference and can actually make you feel more like you’re in the gym. Now, sometimes my son is talking to me throughout the whole workout and then I don’t have much music, but if you can, do it!

Equipment helps but is not necessary. A chair is awesome because you can do tricep dips, bench step-ups, split squats and use it as a bench if you are doing dumbell work. But one of my favorites are resistance bands like these. They’re cheap and light but can make for a great booty workout like this one or this one from my instagram. I will link below all my favorite equipment to use at home. I buy most of it from amazon.

IMG_2576IMG_2570 2

Don’t underestimate an at home workout! tag me or let me know if you start doing more workouts at home.



Resistance bands



Heavier adjustable dumbbells


Exercise ball

Lululemon yoga mat

Foam roller

Apple AirPods



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